Baby Vaccines in Kenya

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What a joy it is to birth a baby; a little human that brings so much joy to our lives. That first cry is our crown to the long anticipated mummy and daddy title. When we first hold them, we promise to always protect their little soul and this we do! ‘Brace yourself for sleepless nights after the jab’ we’re told. But nothing can stop us from being the most protective parents in the univers...

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Lisa (not real name) is a beautiful, hardworking, successful Nurse with a big heart. She’s 30, not married, not dating, not even interested. ‘We don’t all have to get married you know’ is her response when people tease her about marriage. What they don’t know is that she has a secret; she smells, she smells of fish, rotten fish! A terrible smell that makes you pull your lips to the nose....

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By: Sally Njambi-Harman-Podiatrist based in Nairobi Caroline, a 42 year old lady suffering from diabetes, came to my office in tears last June. On enquiring what her problem was, she narrated the following unfortunate story: 5 weeks prior to my seeing her, Caroline had attended a pedicure at her local beauty salon. She remembers the beautician digging and cutting her cuticles to a p...

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